Fingers Crossed

Dating, Personal / Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

We looked at *the place* together last night. Mark loved it too.

My vibe wasn’t as, as, well…we gave her our application and told her flat out we would love it if she chose us. And she said she has had many applicants and still has people coming on Friday which she feels bad about turning away…and will go over the information this weekend and let us know on Sunday.

Anyone would want this place…so I am just not THAT confident anymore. Of course she has to call our references, but I would have loved to hear *the place is yours* How presumptuous of me.

A notecard went in the mail. And I wait, and scour Artvoice and Craigslist…still…

I have to right?

I have no doubt I will find a place, but I doubt it will be as wonderful.

All I know is. I want Mark here with me everyday. Crying about Sasha kitten last night and this morning was a lot more comforting in the arms of my big, strong, sweet man.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?