Five Tips For Successfully Dating a Blogger

Blogging, Dating / Monday, February 21st, 2011

Five Tips For Successfully Dating a Blogger: All Things Jennifer Style

Apparently I’m a blogging dating rule minimalist, unlike this person who was a bit more demanding here are my 5 simple recommendations for dating a blogger (or at the very least, dating All Things Jennifer.)

1. Be able to explain what a blog is to other people and at least check in once in a while. You don’t have to read everyday or read all the archives from the past 7 years but please at least have some idea of what it is I love to do.

2. Be upfront with your level of concern over privacy (I’ve dated people who don’t want to be mentioned or pictured and people who don’t mind. I don’t care either way, but be upfront about your feelings either way.)

3. Learn to tolerate constant picture taking of everyday mundane objects, tasks etc. And try to accept the fact that a laptop/phone is always a second away…for just a few minutes.

4. Yes, I’m friends with and know a lot of people who I haven’t met in person. Yes, people know me in the world as All Things Jennifer and will approach me sometimes in public who I have never met. Weird? Yeah, I thought so too at first. People will know of you as well…beware. (Looking at you He Who Makes Me Smile)

5. Just because I love blogging doesn’t mean I need to love a blogger. BE YOURSELF! Don’t try to learn my lingo start a Twitter account etc…Healthy relationships are made up of different interests and similar interests. Right?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?