Flea Party

My favorite person in the whole wide world turned 3 last weekend. And she wanted a FLEA themed birthday party. (Smart thinking little kid she is!) While Mommy turned the flea theme into something much more manageable Aunt Jenny made sure to stick as close as she could to Little A’s bizarro wishes by sending her a package of children’s flea books…WHO KNEW there are so many out there!

I also found her a FLEA CIRCUS card game.

And a flea hat from Treehouse! (Which Little A said was WACKY.)

Along with a You’re Three Birthday Card that had freaking FLEAS on it! How coincidental? Treehouse had exactly two cards with the number 3 on it and one happened to have fleas!

And Uncle Mark made sure to draw “Fanny the Birthday Flea” on the window.

Being an Auntie kicks ass let me tell ya there’s no better feeling in the entire world than making LittleA laugh and smile. Not a one.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?