For the Birds!

While running errands today I made a HUGE mistake by suggesting we stop at JoAnn’s…HWMMS had been thinking about buying fabric to make a Thanksgiving tablecloth large enough to host our upcoming Friendsgiving Dinner celebration, so it seemed like a logical idea.

Except nothing is ever logical when it comes to that place. ALL THE THINGS CALL OUT MY NAME! So many pretty fabrics, so many pretty decorations, so many everything! AND IT’S ALWAYS ON SALE, right?

Um…right. Except when you find awesome items like this giant ridiculous turkey centerpiece and you realize the price tag is $130.


Even at 60% off this is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. HWMMS told me I need to just go out in the woods and start picking up crap and bringing it indoors and glue it to mason jars instead. He’s not completely wrong with this thinking…


We did pick up a few feet of fabric. I had to control myself and step away from the adorable flannel PENGUIN prints and tartans. Instead we bought this pretty Holiday one for a table runner and dragonflies for throw pillows. Oh and he picked up a few feet of black furry fabric for leggings to go with his Jon Snow cape. Um…yeah.

I do love that sewing man of mine! Tis a trade I never really picked up myself…now time to get some pinecones and twigs and perhaps spray paint, oh wait…it’s already dark outside. Maybe tomorrow.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?