Family / Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Four. The most perfect, adorable, sweetest little human being on the planet, my niece Little A turns 4 today. Easter Birthday!

She told her Mama she wanted a ladder so she could pick apples and a Summer dress for her birthday.

And her Daddy made her a balance beam for her playground. Exactly what OUR Dad made for us as kids.

There’s definitely no one I adore more in the world. My brother and sister-in-law Dayna are doing a kick ass job of raising Little A. Can’t wait to see what “almost 5” will bring.

Notable quotables from the morning…

“I realized when I woke up, that I feel different!”

“I’m going to play football, because no girl is allowed to play.”

“I will be a little disappointed if everyone can’t come to my birthday party.”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?