Free Ling!

My oh my! Our Little Ling has Spring Fever! (being naughty and knocking down the curtain and in the bathroom getting a drink!)

Most of you know Ms. Ling as my baby step-cat who once lived in our bedroom closet.

Thanks to the mean, giant Simba Cat who lurkes and pounces…

Ling eventually ventured out of the closet and into the WHOLE bedroom (but longingly looked to the closet.)

Lately, with the nice weather and Sasha Kitten and Simba Cat spending much more time outdoors…

I have been leaving the bedroom door open, just to allow my grumpy, matronly step-cat Keesa more time with her papa in the other areas of the house. (Keesa, likes papa…only.)

And Little Ling is free to roam! At least a little bit. GOAL: to have all four cats co-existing once again, like in the good old days.

I can make this happen. I know I can.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?