Freezer Time

Freezer time! Yes friends, these are the things I get excited about these days…a new freezer!

The last few months I’ve been guilty of lazy blogging, you know status updates on Facebook. Fast, easy lots of comments right away and painless! I posted a while back about the need for another* freezer since we ordered a 1/4 of a cow from Native Offerings CSA Farm this year. Well, we finally got the call about the cow so we had to act fast and stop looking and start buying.

*You may have noticed I said another freezer, yes…we have a chest freezer currently in the basement stocked full of garden goodness. And an old one that came with the house when HWMMS bought it, that doesn’t really work. The fact that we are even considering another freezer is a decadent purchase for most, however, I know how much MONEY I can save on sales and making things ahead of time in big batches and freezing for later, so in the end it is definitely worth it. Especially if one freezer is going to be filled with delicious grass-fed cow meat.

On the Facebook I asked about advantages of a chest freezer vs. upright freezer. I grew up having an upright freezer and HWMMS had a chest freezer. Lucky for me, a few months of bitching about taking all the items out of the chest freezer to get to something on the bottom and having super frozen hands in the process made my kind, loving husband see the light. So last night we ordered an upright freezer for 33% off original price, online from Lowe’s. (And of course I went through Ebates so we got cash back on the purchase!)

And this morning? While ignoring the doorbell…Lowe’s left a little doorhanger saying they were here to deliver!


Um, I thought we were going to get a phone call to set up a delivery time. Oops! We haven’t even made space for it downstairs yet, but I’m already in nerdy organizing mode in my head. Each shelf has a different item fruit, veggies, soup stock/sauces, ice cream/sweets. I think when I was getting all sorts of excited telling HWMMS about this plan was the moment he realized we should get an upright.

The universe went one step further in confirming our awesome decision to purchase a freezer when I opened up our National Grid bill and saw a flyer for the Rethink. Recycle. Reward program where they pay YOU $30 to come to your house and take away your old freezer. Yes please, I’ll take $30. Thank you very much!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?