French Onion Soup

Remember when HWMMS wanted to manifest french onion soup in his future?

Well, as soon as he started painting the kitchen the other day…I got to work on some delicious, delicious soup.

The day prior HWMMS brought out a Chuck Roast and threw it in the crockpot soaking in a bottle of delicious organic red wine. When I saw the bottle he selected I SCREAMED because that wasn’t one of the cheap bottles, it was the DRAGONFLY LABEL ORGANIC WINE I WAS SAVING. In his defense, he saw it was on the very bottom shelf and he knows the reds we cook with are always towards the bottom. Since the rack was empty of reds we cook with (and sweet whites I drink with,,,,) he grabbed this bottle, hiding on the very bottom so no one would accidentally grab. Oops.

Anyhow, Chuck Roast. Red Wine. Many hours later I added a bunch of onions and a jar of homemade beef stock from the pantry.

I did a little research on French Onion Soup and honestly, the recipes were all over the place. White wine usually. One called for beer. Some brandy or cognac. And a few said red wine. Most said chicken stock, some said beef stock, but only homemade because the store bought is worthless. One said apple cider.

I just went with what was already happening. Red wine. Beef stock.

I sauteed the onions in butter and oil. Added brown sugar, a splash of Worcestershire, a splash of balsamic vinegar, thyme, bay leaf, salt and pepper. While the onions were working their magic I had cloves of garlic roasting in the oven.

About 45 minutes later I added both to the soup and set on low overnight. 

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?