Yeah. I watched the show. Somehow the last few weeks I got sucked back in. I think I missed a few years in between.

I found myself trying not to cry.

I disliked the very end, close up on the empty apartment and door? Huh?
I disliked the very obvious absence of baby Emma, but I should have expected that.
I disliked the quicky Rachel and Ross together ending, next scene in the apartment, Rachel looking very clingy.
I disliked the fact they did not set up Joey for his new show!!!

I loved the twins twist.
I loved Phoebe singing…
I loved the whole plane fiasco…
I loved the Gunther comments.
I loved how Rachel said it was the perfect goodbye and got ON the plane…I loved the voice mail…
I loved Monica killing the table.
I loved the end comment about Ross wanting to be a dancer.
I loved the sad hugging scenes…I would not be able to act my way through that one without breaking down.
I loved the music…the soundtrack was perfect.

What did you all think?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?