Frisco and Felicia

Randomments, TV / Friday, August 1st, 2008

What did I ever do before YouTube? 😉


Ahhhh. I really like this song, still to this day.

Confession: I love everything about this song except the line “the glow of your cigarette…”

Oh how I LOVED FRISCO JONES. Right up there with Alex P. Keaton and Mike Seaver. The Holy Trinity of BOP magazine posters. Oh, and Simon LeBon. And you can now stop making fun of me.

Frisco and Felicia. I have fond memories of hanging with Dumbass and Stacy at Kim’s house to watch General Hospital after class (oh wait, assuming we made it to class) in college. I can hardly make it through this wedding video without the trademark proud mom happy smile on my face. Romance, Aztec princess WSB spy style.

Of course the rest of the world only knew Frisco as the 80’s super hair pop hero Jack Wagner because of this “pretty song moving up the charts…”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?