Future 18th Century Tavern

Home Sweet Home, HWMMS, Weber Wonderland / Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Yes, I wanted an old farmhouse. But when I think back to myself just a year ago looking at all those old farmhouses I couldn’t even IMAGINE living in one now. Not after living in our 1999 beast anyhow.

This is a photo of the walkout room in the basement. Unfinished. We will be turning it into an 18th century tavern space eventually. Adding a wall with shelves and a built in fireplace and two long wooden tables and chairs for guests to gather around. Pretty sweet! Old farmhouses hardly have any basement space at all let alone a separate room for a tavern!

Sometimes I feel we won the house hunting lottery.

HWMMS: Come downstairs when you get a chance…

Me: Where?

HWMMS: In the 18th century tavern area.

Me: You could just say tavern.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?