Fuzzy Slippers

Personal / Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

This past year, otherwise known as “the turning of the 30” my mom and her husband asked me what I would want for my Christmas-Birthday. And I answered “pink fuzzy slippers.”

Last night, I decided I would spend the early evening outdoors in the backyard reading. Surrounded by the whines of the little black lab puppy in the yard next door and the multitudes of birdies chirping…and ants crawling and the smell of fresh grass. And my feet got cold, so I came inside to get my Pink Fuzzy Slippers. While lying on my quillow (a quilt that folds up nicely into a pillow)

ASIDE- AARUGH! I did a google search for “blanket that folds into a pillow” and I found that MY WORD QUILLO (although I spell it differently) is trademarked! Who knew! I thought I had a cute name for the blankie!!! Turns out, not so original.

And my landlord Phil walked by and laughed at my slippers. “Just like a little kid.” And I told him how I asked my mommy for pink fuzzy slippers for my 30th birthday, like the ones I had when I was 6….and the landlord laughed and said “and that is what is so endearing about you…”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?