Game of LIFE

I know, I know I’m old and nostalgic and everything was better back in the day.

But honestly friends, the GAME OF LIFE back in our day? SIGNIFICANTLY better than the versions they have out now. I mean no contest.

I remembered this quickly after attempting to play the game with my niece and her friends Cortland and Ramona. Pretty much all we learned is that every time we all land on the same space we yell “PARTY” which organically became a house rule because we all landed on the same space when we took the college route together. Which in reality, is a sort of life lesson…you will find yourself partying throughout your LIFE adventures with friends from college when you are all in the same space. In fact that exact day Aunt Jenny was celebrating Lil Brother’s 40th Birthday with his High School Best Friend Who Went To College With Me (and happens to be Cortland and Ramona’s dad.)

See, Aunt Jenny taught the kiddos something. 🙂

I’ve been looking online for an old copy of the game to get my niece for Christmas. A million exist, but they are $25 with $20 shipping/handling. Oh those clever ETSY sellers.

And now I found this.

You’re welcome.

Go forth, buy the Game of LIFE and have a family game night with your loved ones this Christmas.

Um, also, they have old-school PAYDAY.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?