Giant Puppy

Personal, Pets / Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Yesterday the people I love were grumpy.

It was just that kind of day.

When I got home from work, around 8:30pm I noticed the puppies still didn’t eat the “carpet food” and asked HWMMS if he fed the dogs when he got home.

His reply?

“No, I said I wasn’t going to feed them until they ate the carpet food and they didn’t eat the carpet food.”


Carpet food has been there for two days now.

Sometimes the puppies get VERYEXCITEDABOUTDINDIN and want the good stuff on the bottom of the bowl and food ends up going everywhere.

Sometimes Giant Puppy picks up the bowl of food and brings it closer to where her parents are sitting so she can eat near us. When she does this, she is VERY CAREFUL not to spill her food. She has carried it downstairs before without spilling a morsel.

Now I was thinking that our puppies were hungry and wanted to feed them despite the carpet food, but HWMMS wanted nothing to do with that. Instead, he got on the floor and picked up said carpet food, placed it in the dish and told the puppies to eat.

Which they didn’t. Of course. Because, grumpy.

What Giant Puppy DID HOWEVER do—was bring her bowl to the other side of the living room, promptly set it down, spilling the food back all over the carpet.

HAHAHA. I love our dogs.


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