Gift Giving

Randomments / Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Blah blah blah. The one thing I love the MOST about this season is giving gifts. Spreading merriment! I don’t needc no stinking gift guide..

MSN has a guide for Men and Women: The 10 worst holiday gifts
Agree or Disagree???

Worst Gifts for Women:
1. Anything she needs instead of wants
Disagree- I think the example listed is kinda nice, not as the only gift, but sort of sweet

2. Awful flowers
Disagree- Define awful. Again, this example is outrageous. Sparkly church flowers? Whatever. Let me tell you something. I know VERY few women personally who would NOT like getting flowers. Especially at work 😉

3. Sports paraphernalia
Disagree- Stupid. If your girl likes sports, you know it.

4. The sparkly stuff
Disagree- All these rules. Simple jewelry is a nice option. I mean what is *too soon* this article says a YEAR. I disagree. Give me sparkly things.

5. A card that you’ve signed in front of her

Worst Gifts for Men:
1. Clothes for a better version of him
Disagree- But what if I think he will like it…this statement is ridiculous. “It can make him feel as if you’re wishing he earned more or led a more debonair lifestyle…” Oh please.

2. The saccharine stuff
DISAGREE- Again, do you KNOW the person you are dating or what? Any man I date would love my lovely doveyness. Or so I think.

3. Kitchen and bath bric-a-brac
Agree- Unless you know he wants it.

4. Self-help anything
Agree. “Letting your honey believe that you think he’s perfect is actually the greatest gift you can give! “

5. Elaborate handmade gifts
Disagree- Again, it is all about knowing the man you are with. If he freaks out and “pulls back” because you love knitting and you knit him a sweater. He would have found another reason to “pull back” anyhow.

And I love this last aside:
Bonus tip: Unlike women, men actually enjoy getting small appliances. Or even large ones. Anything that involves a plasma screen is very, very good, too albeit very, very expensive.

Agree. In their dreams. I think the words Playstation and XBox are also dreams best left unfufilled.

So what do you think? Agree or disagree?

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