Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less

Books / Monday, January 11th, 2010

I almost gave up this book at Page 3

“Would it be possible to live without a hundred boxes of designer shoes, costly microbrewed coffee, expensive handbags or the ever present cell phone that fueled my everyday existence?”

Ugh. Um, yes. YES YOU SHOULD BE LIVING WITHOUT A HUNDRED BOXES OF SHOES. Ok, in fairness as my friend Stephanie suggested these are the AUTHORS vices and not my own. However, as most of you know…I see concepts like this through my own personal lens. So…since I felt I couldn’t relate, which is what I was looking for I tossed the book aside immediately and it wasn’t until after the New Year I found it still sitting there on my shelf, unread. I thought MAYBE I would give it one more shot, it was a small book and in the right mindset for the New Year, right?

Month One: Alcohol

Month Two: Shopping

Month Three: Elevators

Month Four: Newspapers

Month Five: Cell Phones

Month Six: Dining Out

Month Seven: Television

Month Eight: Taxis

Month Nine: Coffee

Month Ten: Cursing

Month Eleven: Chocolate

Month Twelve: Multitasking

Basically, I realized I’m a much different person than this author. If I had to give up 12 things for a year I wouldn’t have picked, well most of these. But the idea was worthwhile. Made me think about how much coffee I drink. And cursing, yes I need to stop cursing.

But the others? Like dining out? I already cook. And cell phone? I need to use it MORE to call friends. Newspapers, I would be a happier person if I made it through the papers before work in the morning (this requires coffee of course.) My TV isn’t plugged in. And I think multitasking is a necessary evil.

So? Yeah, the book was another quick read.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?