Give a Little Bit: Help Inclusive Theater Grow!

Friends, Give a Little Bit, Theater, Western New York / Monday, January 8th, 2018

Help Inclusive Theater Grow!

Inclusive Theater of WNY is giving people of ALL abilities, ethnicity, and backgrounds a positive and safe place to find their strengths, and to create something new. Started by parents and advocates who believe in TRUE inclusion, ITOWNY is located in The Foundry, a creative “maker space” in Buffalo, NY. The Foundry is the ideal home for ITOWNY because it affords the opportunity for members to learn new skills, build and design sets, attend Writing Group, acting and Improv classes.

We are Inclusive, and we are changing lives. We are witnessing miracles. Your donation will go directly to enable us:

    1. To continue to offer our programs at affordable rates, or FREE.
    2. To pay the fees to apply for 501(c)(3) status. Currently we are being hosted.
    3. To stage our first stage production–an original play–in a REAL THEATER. All parts will be open to all who audition, and if reasonable accommodations for those who experience disability are needed we will provide them.

Your donation will make all that possible, and will help us to continue to knock down barriers to TRUE INCLUSION! We’ve seen the miracles, help us to keep them going!

Click here to give a little bit to Inclusive Theater of WNY. Thank you friends.

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