Good garden!


More seeds. BECAUSE I HAVE AN ADDICTION PROBLEM. Thank you Remy at the Sample Seed Shop for the fast shipping and amazing prices!


I was VERY EXCITED to see this wee little eggplant growing today! I’ve NEVER had success growing eggplants. I’ve tried by seed and nothing, I’ve even tried a few plants and nothing but this year the plants I bought seem to be growing! HURRAH!

Our peas are a-growing still…

Beans are starting to climb in the porch garden!

And I picked the few pretty pink calla lilies. Honestly, I’m not sure where they came from…I like pink but haven’t ordered any pink flowers and I certainly didn’t intend on putting them in the red/white/yellow spring garden bed. After I cut them I dug up the bulbs and threw them in a planter for the pool room.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?