All Things True Confession: Gossip Website Addictions

Personal, Randomments / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

All Things True Confession: Gossip Website Addictions

Answer: What is Us Weekly. Daily Mail. Blind Gossip & Reality Steve.

Question: What are All Things Jennifer’s favorite website addictions?

I’m a SUCKER for the celebrity gossip pages. I have NO control. I’m embarrassed to say I probably check each one of the sites listed above every other day IF NOT every day. Usually before bed while scrolling through Twitter and making sure the phone isn’t falling on my face while reading.

I remember my Gma & Gpa Baker and Mom reading those gossip magazines every single week, which of course meant I did too, Star, the Enquirer. Gma even subscribed, along with the Soap Opera Digests.

Turns out the love affair might be genetic—-or at least a bit of that nature and nurture argument because at one point in time, I was at dinner with Lil Brother and I have NO idea how we started talking about it, but he admitted he loves reading Blind Gossip. And Daily Mail. And checks them ALL THE TIME!

Secret Similar Sibling Behavior! Love it!

Us Weekly is just eye candy, scroll along the photos, click a few of the articles. I honestly think 89% of the celebrity mentioned I only know, from reading Us Weekly. But I check that darn page several times a week. Not People. Not TMZ not Page Six. But Us Weekly.

Daily Mail is what I want Us Weekly to be but it isn’t. I almost always check this page 2nd—because I know the articles are going to be much longer and include about 27 photos and I also love browsing through the comments. Us Weekly acts as my cliff notes of celebrity gossip websites.

Blind Gossip. I might check that one only once a week. But that’s only because I tend to check right after they put up a bunch of posts and NO ONE HAS COMMENTED ON THEM YET to tell me who they are talking about. And I hate when that happens. Inevitably, it happens if I check it more than once a week. I so love reading the SOLVED! posts. Oh Blind Gossip, I love you so.

Reality Steve is because I have a Bachelor/Bachelorette fangirl problem. LONG time ago back in the beginning I watched all the time. And then somewhere in the middle when a Prince was looking for love and a Brad and a Brad 2,0 I stopped. I think maybe after Bob Gurney, because I was sad that the lovable goof I wanted to marry turned out to be sort of a slimeball. Boo.

I should also mention that one time Trista Sutter responded to a tweet of mine! LOL. Like I said, fangirl. And then I found my way back to this world, probably because I had a TV and a DVR. And now I watch every stupid season and look forward to fast forwarding through the two hour long dramatic episodes while tweeting—and mostly this is because of Reality Steve. Love his recaps and spoilers. Look forward to the updates and I click on his site WAY too often looking for them. Way. Too. Often.

Ok, I came clean—-your turn what’s your guilty pleasure website addiction?


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  1. I’m a People magazine fan from way back. My Uncle started getting it when it came out. Between my Mom’s beauty shop and my Uncle’s barber shop (they were next door to each other,) I read all the gossip rags: Movie News, TV Screen, TV Mirror, True Crime, the old police magazines, in addition to the ones you mentioned! It might explain my magazine obession! Lol

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