Great Big Sea- Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor

Music / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

So, this is the first year us Buffalonians had to PAY to attend the Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor concert. But since it was Great Big Sea, I didn’t mind.

The new location at the Harbor? Nice. Really nice venue. I liked it a lot. And the clouds stayed away too!

Opening acts, Um, I spent a lot of time socializing during the opening acts. I met up with a few different groups of pals at the show: Melissa and her friend Sheri from Rochester, Erin/Rand, Audrey and her sister and Elise & Amy and a surprise sighting of Scotty and Kelly. (Who I realized I miss terribly!!! Love them!)

So…yeah the opening acts?

Well, there was this guy. Who had a rhombus? parallelogram? trapezoid tattoo on his arm. Thank you 6th grade math. Without the Google readily available this conversation was much longer than one would think.

And that’s all I can really say about the opening acts. I didn’t pay any attention. Oops.

Melissa and I had strategically placed ourselves Stage Murray at about 5:10 pm. Melissa *hearts* Murray very much. And as long as I can see the band up close, I’m a happy girl. Erin (birthday girl) and Rand came sometime after 6ish so we were able to squeeze them in up front too.

The boys played heavy on the new tunes. Off the top of my head (while looking at the back of the CD) they played “Love Me Tonight, Walk on the Moon, England, Here and Now, Dream to Live, Company of Fools, Hard Case and Straight to Hell.”

I think they played Banks of Newfoundland too.

*Straight to Hell* is a funny song. Alan, dearest Alan…so not a badass. Those dimples, that smile?

Nope. Not convincing. Keep trying though, it’s cute.

The new music was fine with me I love me boys! VERTICAL MOVEMENT!!! And I had the record on constant rotation the last few weeks so the *new* sounded *familiar* to me. The ONLY OLD SONG I reallyreallyreally wanted to hear was Lukey. And no Lukey for us.

Other songs in the set? I had a few beers, I’ll try to recall. And don’t forget, I sing these songs to myself all the time, so I might have thought I heard something I didn’t.

Note to Mr. Sean McCann as retold from Erin. When playing SCOLDING WIFE every woman in the audience wants to hear you sing those six little words “threw me naked on the floor.” It’s the best part of the entire song…and when you changed the words to something Buffalo related it was soooo not the same. Not. The. Same. Oh, how I wish I could be his scolding wife…ahem.

Stage Murray. Murray was exceptionally upbeat, and watching him play that bass at the end of Mari-Mac, is pretty, um, pretty damn orgasmic actually…ahem.

Wouldn’t it be great if the band just never ended?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?