Gut Punch

Family, Health & Wellness, HWMMS, Personal / Monday, April 10th, 2017

Gut Punch. You know that feeling. That punch you in the gut feeling of just BAMYESTHATSITGULP.

Well, I just experienced it. And I think I know why I’ve been so obsessed with watching the Kennedy story. Just now, I finished watching “After Camelot”

“Have a family it’s the only important thing and the thing that lasts.”

I don’t know if that was an actual quote from her or not, but it fits her character.

And it gut punched me. Just like that. After being in a place where I’ve been living in the present and somewhat content. Not thinking about having a family, meaning birthing babies—or possibly fostering or adopting babies. None of that. I’ve been ok with life as is.

HAHAHAHAHA. The universe had something else in store for me I guess. Funny how one simple little line of a movie, or a song, or a book can send a chill to your very core essence of self.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?