Handy Husband

This is a little motto HWMMS wrote on his workbench. Adorable, right?

Today was a good plumbing day at the Weber Homestead. HWMMS replaced the never working garbage disposal (although we don’t use it too often because we try to compost, but it still needed to be replaced the water would sometimes not go down.) AND he fixed the leaky kitchen pipe and a pipe on the sink in his workroom and replaced the guts of the toilet on the main floor so it won’t keep running and wasting water after being flushed.

Damn I’m a lucky woman.

He also mounted the two fans on the ceiling of the greenhouse area off the balcony.

I’ve spent most of yesterday and this afternoon starting seeds, transplanting seeds I started the other week and repotting houseplants. There’s just something about playing with dirt that turns me on. I wonder what I did before I rediscovered my love of all things plants?

We also spent time together in the kitchen cooking this evening, tis nice to have a kitchen large enough to do that.

Now, if it could just get a little warmer so we can open the windows and start painting the inside of the house!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?