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“Flying away on a wing and a prayer…” -Greatest American Hero Theme Song

This song is a constant earworm. I hear it randomly ALL THE TIME.

For me, this isn’t a bad thing, I like the song. I don’t remember watching the show as a little kid but I’m pretty certain I did. Still, there’s no reason I should hear it so often in my Jenny iTunes brain.

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to these random earworms – sometimes they come because I read a particular line – someone writing about red wine and the song “Red, Red Wine” starts playing. Or maybe HWMMS was listening to music an hour ago and I start hearing “When I’m Clowning” in my head. Many times it’s because songs have a particular meaning and I tend to listen to them in a certain mood “Gethsemane” from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Every once in a while, it’s completely random. And in this particular instance, it’s one that I hear often.

Now, here’s my question…WHY?

Does there have to be a why? No.Of course not. But in my world, there’s a reason.THERE”S ALWAYS A REASON. My mind must consider ALL THE REASONS! (still learning to quite that mind of mine,  lol.)

2017 has been a year where I’ve been much more open to paying attention to these randomments, coincidences, synchronizations. And I’m just going with it…trusting my INTUITION that what every reason I’m thinking, is the reason.

Just go with it.

Trust my gut.

Trust my intuition.

It helps for me to write things out. I have so many thoughts that come and go at once that I have found writing FORCES me to pick only one at a time (I can only type or write so quickly on the page after all…) Many times I’m not even sure what’s going to come out until I see it staring back at me.

Today. I thought about this song. I started to overthink. Did I watch this show as a child? No. This song is about falling in love, why am I thinking about falling in love? I need to look up the lyrics and then I wi….



“Flying away on a wing and a prayer…”

THAT is the only line I need. (Intuition)  WRITE IT DOWN.

Just go with it. -Intuition

Know what? This line is completely relevant today. I’ve been getting SO MUCH better at trusting my intuition lately, just flying away on a wing and a prayer…(lots of prayers…) and I’m learning. Growing. starting to find a new peace amidst the constant clutter of brain mumbling chaos.

Today, I think this song is in my head just to remind me that I’m on the right path…

Believe it or not, it’s just me.

Day 17 can be found here.


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