Family / Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Happy March! Day 29: Time

A nice way to pass the time visiting with mom is playing board games. Growing up we played lots and lots of board games. So many games my brother and I would create our own. (This is also something my adorable almost 13 year old niece does which warms my heart, perhaps creating board games is genetic?)

Anyhow, one of our favorite games growing up was The Blizzard of 77. Perhaps it was so special because my brother and I would only get a chance to play it when we went to see Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Ron way up north in Kenmore. Yeah, at the time Kenmore to Fredonia was a pretty big trip when we were kiddos.

I do believe every single time we went to visit we ended up playing this game with Cousin Brian. Of course it was one of the first items I sought out once I discovered the wonderful world of Ebay.

I had no idea my MOM never played it before! We remedied this situation last night.

And despite pulling the BLIZZARD CARD and flipping the board on the 2nd draw of the Weather Card—-(thanks MOM!) I still won. Hahahaha.

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