Personal / Thursday, March 9th, 2017

So…the parents were in a car accident yesterday around noon.

Keith is ok, sore of course. Mom has a few more broken bones to add to her resume—clavicle in multiple spots, a few ribs, pinky finger and a collapsed lung (they inserted a chest tube) and around 2:30am this morning they finally had her in a bed. She should be fine, but will need to be in the hospital a few days. Calling in her Ortho who did the ankle reconstruction a few weeks ago to look at her cast as well, just in case.

Will update as needed. thank you for good mojo and the like. I’m tired. And grumpy. And incredibly thankful they are ok.

I always think in times like this about the medical professionals that work in the emergency field and hospitals. Day in and day out seeing these kinds of accidents. Dealing with families and friends who are scared and sad and trying to figure out what is wrong with the one the love. But most importantly being compassionate to their injured patient in a critical time of need.

I’m not good at hospitals or emergency rooms or nursing homes or funerals. If there is sadness, sickness or grief I absorb it like a sponge. I have NO idea how anyone can choose to work in these professions, but I’m incredibly thankful for those compassionate souls who are called to do so.

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