The Universe has a wicked sense of humor.

At the first of the year I signed up to do this Daily Om course: A Year To Clear What’s Holding You Back.

I get a lesson in my email every single day. And every single day (outside those first few) I’ve ignored and deleted. I’ll catch up at some point. The next day, I actually opened my email and saw this as the title of the latest Daily Om lesson.




Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I HATE answering and speaking on the phone. (See Don’t Call Me, I Won’t Call You for more information.

So anywho, I actually ANSWERED MY PHONE when my mom called this afternoon.


Ha. That’s pretty funny. Or at least I thought so.

And now I can’t get this Morrissey lyric out of my head…

“That’s very laughable, ha ha ha ha ha..”

Aside: The red rotary phone is one of the many objects I have reclaimed from my childhood. This is not the phone we had—but I found it on Ebay years and years ago. It sits in my office and reminds me of being a kid. We had one phone. It wasn’t cordless, there wasn’t an answering machine…it sat on the right hand side of the buffet table in the dining room on top of a plastic doily and all conversations had to be made sitting at the dining room table right besides it, or sometimes I would sit on the radiator and look out the window. Not even one of those extra long cords, nope. Pure teenage torture.

Day Three—can be found here.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?