I’ve been wanting to write about my Harley Boo this week so seeing the word HEART made it easy…my Harley Barley Boo has my whole damn heart.

Yes, I have a Giant Puppy, Jordan who also has my heart but Harley, man that dog is something special.

If you can imagine a BIG YELLOW SMILEY FACE in dog form, with three legs…well, that’s Harley.

I have been around a lot of dogs, but there is not a single more pure all-encompassing joyous heart like my Harley has. Sweetest personality ever. I soak in his joy with kisses and cuddles which recharges my soul. Seriously, I ache when away from this boy for too long.

The last week, HWMMS started a new job which has the two of us out of the house twice a week for a very, very long time. Too long methinks for my poor Harley. By the time HWMMS is picking me up from the office I’m filled with anxiety, feeling what my poor boy must be feeling.



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