Happy thoughts

Earlier this year, during a terrible time of sadness with my boyfriend and his family, I met a wonderful ray of sunshine, Kelley. Ms. Rexroad owns her own HR consulting business, in Florida. Sunshine all around, right! LOVE her…we exchanged *info* like good networking people do and well…(here is a link to her business)

Today, Kelley sent me one of those “Jen, meet StacyStacy, meet Jen” emails.

“I have spoken to each of you about each of you! I swear you are sisters who have been separated by weather. Please contact=knowing you both has enriched my life with smiles and warmth–and I think you would enjoy the same with each other. Have fun!”

How charming. (Stacy is a published AUTHOR…wonder why we were talking about her? Look at her books! (Click on them for descriptions!) I can’t wait to read!!! Payday where are you?

*The Fifth Goddess* and *Where Fat Girls Haven’t Gone*

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?