He is Lord!

Family, Holidays, Music / Sunday, April 16th, 2017

He is Lord! Happy Easter! I’m sitting here sniffing the amazing hyacinths I picked from the garden and HWMMS said “now that is the smell of Easter.” (I agree.) And I can’t get the hymn from Church “He Is Lord” out of my head. (Obvious reasons.)

Aside: I have NO idea how to spell hyacinth, it took me an embarrassing number of times to find the right spelling. And even then, I had to add “flower” after my attempt to make something appear on Google.

In my head I’m back at St. John Bosco church in Sheridan, NY up in the balcony behind the church—signing along gleefully in the small choir with Janet and Angie. Lil Brother is the serving altar boy. (And because it’s Easter, for once I’m not trying to make him laugh while he’s serving…)

Sing it at the top of your lungs! Mass is over! Easter Dinner with the family to follow (with a game of Flinch around the corner and more chocolates. Mmmmm.)

I went to look for the song to share with ya’all and the first video that came up was this. Now, even if you don’t want to listen to the rest of the videos I urge you to click on this one, just for a few seconds because all i hear when this song started was the 90210 Theme Song. And it can’t be just me!

Um, this isn’t an accurate version either. Catholics don’t Praise the Lord speaking out loud while singing, only, sing. Plus it’s FAR too slow. Our church played it at least at twice this tempo—upbeat and positive! Plus there’s a time limit on Mass. Keep it organized—in and out in an hour.


What hymn reminds YOU of Easter?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?