He Who Makes Me Smile: Chapter Four – Wedding Weekend

Weber Wedding Weekend / Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

And this will be the last in a series of posts for a while.


But now…questions…

Who: All Things Jennifer and He Who Makes Me Smile

What: Wedding Weekend

Where: ?

When: 2012

Um. Yeah.

Phone calls are being made. Dates are being pondered.

I LOVE FALL. But it seems soooooooo far away! Spring? Who knows. Most of it depends on the venue availability. Most of the things I’ve been pinning on Pinterest revolve around a fall outdoor wedding.

We love Porter on the Lake. A casual, outdoor wedding large enough for many. However, having experience as a professional event planner I know that while having a space open to EVERYTHING is amazing in many ways it is also SO MUCH WORK in so, so many other ways. I simply must prepare for rain. Period. No matter what I am assuming it will rain. Which means if we had a party of oh, let’s throw out a silly number like 250-300 people with kiddos…we would need to have RAIN shelter for 250-300 people with kiddos for several hours. If we want a band to play at the wedding (which we do) we need DRY space for them to set up and play and room for dancing…we need tables and chairs and tents and transportation to/from since the closest hotel is in Lewiston about 10-15 minutes away from the park. Although Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario is right across the water and MUCH closer to the park one has to drive to the bridge and then drive back up to get there, which makes it even longer. Canada? Oooh. Canada could be an option? Except for the fact we want our close friends and their kiddos to be able to enjoy the weekend. I don’t want to make everyone get passports for their kids just to come to a wedding.

So many considerations. All FUN mind you I love doing this stuff, just a lot to consider and coordinate and plan.

Which leads me to browse other outdoor options that might be more all-inclusive. Wineries. Farms. Conference Centers-$$$$$ Several of the places I’ve called have ZERO TO NO AVAILABILITY in 2012. And we would have to have a smaller guest list. He Who Makes Me Smile keeps telling me not to think about it because we have time. Which is true, we have time if we go with our 1st option, but I simply must do due diligence.  If we wanted an indoor wedding (which we really don’t want) I would be all over the Buffalo Central Terminal in a heartbeat, but we really want outdoors.

And then there’s the guest list. We know a lot of people. We know a lot of people who have little people and we want all the people we love to be able to celebrate with us! I fully anticipate this will be the hardest and most stressful part of the planning.  I don’t want to leave people out but we simply can’t include all the people we know. And I can’t have all the people I love in a wedding party either, tis impossible. Everyone planning a wedding deals with this, I know…I know. I just wish we had limitless options.

Once we have a date, I’ll spill more details…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?