The Headstones

HWMMS, Music, Western New York / Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Rockstars following me back on Twitter will never ever get old. Especially when it’s HWMMS favorite band The Headstones! Also fortheloveofallsexybadassbaldmen… Hugh Dillon.

Is it really for his birthday when Hugh is so damn pretty?

Also, when your friends get ya VIP status seats without VIP prices.

Damn skippy! I might be still fighting the never-ending nagging cough, but if I’m able nap in the truck while HWMMS and our friends stand in line first to get an actual seat in the balcony for me to join them a few hours later after the opening act—and then Hugh Dillon climbs from the stage into the BALCONY—I call that a winning evening.

The drive home with me and my piss poor night-vision and not-salted at all roads from Niagara Falls to Springville is a different story, in fact technically it was a different day—early morning, so the evening portion still a winning time.

Happy early birthday love.




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