Hello readers!

Hello readers!

Perhaps it’s because the election season has died down and people are bored. No wait, perhaps it’s because it’s getting COLD in Buffalo and people are hunkering down at their computer at night instead of doing lawn work.

Or maybe it’s because drama loves company and who doesn’t love a good breakup story?

But my blog traffic has doubled in the past few days.



Sometimes it’s hard to be a blogger. I obviously over share my life with others on this blog and have been doing so for years and years now (in fact- over five years.) Tis my blessing and my curse. I’ve dated people who have been VERY private and made slight appearances and mentions here and there. And um, been with other people who barely were mentioned and then there’s Mark. Who didn’t mind being a part of my blog world. (Now, I’m just plain sad again.)

Over the years I also have become at least locally, a publicish figure with a few profiles here and there out in the News.

Which all means this. I SIMPLY HAVE TO BLOG, it’s a part of who I am. But it is important to remember that while really, I am who I am on this page, I also am not EVERYTHING you see on this page. All Things? Many Things? But not EVERYTHING. And there are always words left unsaid and conversations not heard and stories unshared…

So while I need to somewhat journal through my next journey…I have to be very cautious as well.

It sort of freaks me out thinking who might be reading. I know my exes all have access to this my blog. I know my family does. I know all my friends and many people I see in the community and also co-workers past and present occasionally check in. (Edited for positive thinking: And I know that my someday Mr. Right will have access to this very post someday too.)

I also know Mark’s family and Mark’s friends (who are were my friends too…) stop in from time to time. I won’t change my web address, I have nothing to hide. But know I’m treading along cautiously…

And I’m very thankful for all your kind thoughts and wishes.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?