HGTV House Hunters International

“Where is this place? Cause we NEED to go.” -Me Watching House Hunters International

Wow. Provence, France. As if I didn’t already know I love just about everything about that area of the world, this episode confirmed it.  Fields of lavender, yes please!

Aside: The couple on this episode totally picked the wrong house. Why move to the countryside for a second home to get a modern new build instead of the old home with such charm?

And now? NOW!

A couple in D.C. is looking for a 2nd home, no, correction a 2nd CASTLE in Ireland, price range $900K. And now I’m sitting here thinking I WANNA LIVE IN A CASTLE. Perhaps I can spend a night at the French Castle at Old Fort Niagara one of these days.

Although truthfully, the guy just said that it’s crazy that for the price of a two -bedroom condo in Washington D.C. one can buy a CASTLE in IRELAND.

Hahaha. The show is actually called CASTLE HUNTERS. That makes more sense.

On that never-ending to-do to-dream Weber Wonderland list: add wood-burning stove and stone walls to basement bar/tavern area and research bed/breakfast castles in Ireland to visit someday.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?