Hiatusbernating in Cleveland

Personal / Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Hiatusbernating in Cleveland

See, I’m still here. Just hiatusbernating for a while.

So far I stayed up far, far past my bedtime  last night (looks like I’m doing it again) seriously contemplating my future. Interesting how at the end of the night middle of the night wee small hours of the morning convince me to go with my gut and in the daytime I shy back into the world as I know it. Hmmmm. Been catching up on trashy celeb mags and watching late night movies like Bring It On: 2 and The Sweetest Thing. I did bring books to read of course, but mindless trash is more fun.

Today I had a little lunch with friends after watching the most wonderful BLADES OF GLORY.  Had an hour long full body massage for my birthday from friends. (Pure bliss!) And in the evening a fondue party with friends

Life is good. Now off to watch more late night bad cable TV on the giant HD TV.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?