Hoagie Ho

Randomments / Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Our office today was craving Jim’s Steakout. Ok, correction. I WAS CRAVING JIM’S STEAKOUT and told the office I would gladly place an order and pick up for everyone.

Evil. I know.

My boss said she had never been to Jim’s Steakout and asked where it was located…her reply after finding out?

“Oh, that’s where the bubbleman lives!”

Yep. And he was out today. Yay SPRING!  I love Allentown…

My dearest angel co-worker friend Marina, who’s being a good girl and doing yoga and working out and trying to eat right was the only one who wasn’t going to order. I however knew this would result in a grumpy girl once the 6 steak and chicken hoagie smells permeated the office and since I was ONLY THINKING OF HER…I told her if she ordered with me today, I would call the BAC and sign up for a membership (which I’ve been planning on doing for, for…a long while now.)

So, one pinky swear later, I called Jim’s Steakout where the poor man on the other line wasn’t exactly very good with English. I told him I needed 7 separate orders, I will pay for each one when I pick up and then proceeded to place the order.

“I need three 8 inch steak hoagies.”

“All separate orders?”


“So, three on one order? Give me each order separately.”

“Ok, I need three, separate orders of a 8 inch steak hoagie .”

“No, please place each order separately.”

“Um, ok. I need one 8 inch steak hoagie . (Pause.)”

“Ok that’s all, next order?”

“Yes. I need one 8 inch steak hoagie …”

You can see where this is going…I hope I have all my hoagies in place when I get there.

Update: Successful hoagie trip. When I arrived at the counter the man asked my name, to which I replied Jennifer.

And he proceeded…

“So you have a pick up here for Jennifer…Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer and Jennifer right?”

And now I’m chock full of 8 inches of satisfied meaty gooey goodness.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?