Hockey New Year!

Friends, Sports / Saturday, January 1st, 2011

My friend Karen invited me to go to the Sabres game with her for the New Year! Thank you Karen!

Feisty scoring right off the bat by Boston…and then…FIGHT!

More hockey…more hockey…more hockey (wait for it) HAT TRICK! HAPPY DREW YEAR!


Of course the score stalled at 5-6 for most of the 3rd…that is until 27 seconds left in the game…OVERTIME! (Be still my beating heart!) Which leads to Jenny’s first shootout! (Oh the pressure, c’mon 6 goals ain’t enough to win?)

Guess who misses?

Woooooo! Sabres WIN!

My voice is completely shot…but Sabres Win!

God, I love hockey.

Thank you Karen (and the Buffalo Sabres) for a wonderful game to start the new year! And as always, the BFF for making me into a hockey fan in the first place.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?