Holy Instalanche!

I’ve had 2,500, 2,700 3200 hits on my blog today!

I knew I would be center of attention, at least in one part my Jen(nifer) world (political!) But this seems, well a bit more…a bit more! My regular readers know I am *quirky* but now the rest of the world, at least the *right* world knows as well. I hope everyone sticks around for a while.

And I hope all the RINO’s enjoy the Instalanche traffic!
Never too late to join…I know a few of you out there…get linked!

Clever little ploy to make readers click, click over to your site as well, no? And don’t be jealous that this song has been stuck in my head, ALL WEEKEND. (Please say this line like Kip would to Napoleon. Or else the novelty is lost and I look like a nerd)

And to think my Buffalolanche will occur in just another month thanks to Buffalo Spree…Just in time for me to go back to law school full time to finish that J.D. while working full time at my fantastic non profit agency. Who needs sleep?


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?