My first home away from home that wasn’t under my parents roof?

Sigh…that would be my Gma and Gpa Bakers home after my dad passed and my mom remarried. The roof I went back under again and again and again as my home once I left for college.

“Nowhere’s home and I’m all wrong…” Goo Goo Dolls

Anywho, that’s all sad tales you can find in my archives…no linking.

My first home away from home was my college dorm room 3rd Floor Prospect Hall in Baldwin, the Co-Ed Freshman dorm at Allegheny College. And that’s where I met Erin-Go-Blog. Not as my roomie, at least for our Freshman year…but I did live with her in the QUAD my Sophomore and Junior Year and in Red House my Fake Senior Year. 🙂


During the summertime…since I never went back home to my mother’s new place after she remarried…I found myself living with my awesome Auntie in her apartment down by the lake and as a townie with a great porch the following year down on Canadaway Creek with Miss Katie (I refer to that summer as crazy summer, although looking back now I was still sooo darn innocent.)

And then after college, I um…packed up a bunch of penguins and toll money and drove to Raleigh, NC with my High School friends to live for a year. No job, no apartment, no cash…just a Magic 8 Ball and hope for something different. And wow, we landed in a most fabulous spot a huge house in a nice cul-de-sac and put very own inground swimming pool. Yes, that was a VERY FUN YEAR. But man did I hate living in NC.

So, back to WNY for grad school…this led me to the UB North area with the *almost soon to be but not quite yet* boyfriend who found an apartment complex right across the street from UB in Amherst. Ick. Dreadful. The 2nd year we moved (as roommates, two bedrooms both times but this time we were actually dating more or less) to a *nicer* complex across the street. And then I realized, I’m sooooooooooooooo not an Amherst Apartment Complex kind of woman. AT. ALL.

So Erin-Go-Blog and another friend from college looking for a change moved to Buffalo! And we got a place right around Elmwood, but up past the galleries and before Amherst. Oh yeah, they were also helping ME to look for change knowing I didn’t want to be living with the boy anymore but unable to break away the hold because I needed a roommate. Good friends.

That lasted for about a year and a half and then the one roomie and I wanted a more exciting time in the middle of the action and moved to one of those fun colored houses right on the corner of Allen/Elmwood. Now this is where my life began to get crazy… My GOD I loved living in Allentown. Newly single? Allentown. Perfect. I had another place on North near Elmwood for a while on my own (scary complex, cute apartment) for another year an a half before I realized it might be time for me to leave.

So, Erin-Go-Blog and I (see a pattern?) decided to rent an adorable little cottage house on Lafayette in the Elmwood Village…which lasted until we both moved in with our significant others…

I moved to the West Side of Elmwood/Richmond and lived with the no longer significant other for a while. And now I still live there, and he doesn’t.

And I thank Lil Brother and Shaggy and the gang for all those MANY years of moving my ass. Without them I’d still be, be…in my college dorm.

And today no matter where I LIVE? I’m still, deep down inside still looking for my home…”Home is just another word for you…”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?