Home Sweet Hot Tub Time Machine…

Hot Tub Time Machine: Things I Liked

1. The title.

2. John Cusack

3. This cardboard cutout that allowed “Erin and me” to capture the moment.

4. *Great white buffalo*  *Cincinnati* Inside jokes that never make it to the outside, awesome.

5. CRISPIN GLOVER and the many. many missed one arm incidents.

6. Actually, the 80’s. Loved all the ridiculous references.

7. Sad breakup poetry and the eating of many shrooms.

8. KICK ASS SOUNDTRACK! Jessie’s Girl!

9. My goodness I laughed, a lot.

10. The Cast.

Hot Tub Time Machine: Things I Did Not Like

1. Penis and blowjob gay jokes. Are never funny…


3. Pee. Poo. And other bodily functions from the same area. Ick.

4. Projectile vomit, and I do mean projectile.

5. Don’t even try to analyze the time travel part of this movie. It ain’t a BTTF or a Bill and Ted by a LONG shot.

But it was laughable…or it might have been the several margaritas talking?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?