House Renovations

HWMMS has been kicking butt with house renovations!

The Dining and Living Rooms are almost complete! So far he has tackled the following projects. Mostly on his own, since I’m a trainwreck and a wee bit messy. I love my husband.

  • Remove Popcorn Ceilings in All Rooms/Sand/Paint White
  • Paint Dining Room/Hallway Walls Prussian Blue
  • Remove Carpets in All Rooms/Electrical Heat Registers
  • Remove/Replace Ceiling Lights/Chandelier
  • New Valance/Hardware for Dining Room
  • Tear Down Living Room Shelf
  • Paint Living Room Walls Oatmeal Stone

Remove/Replace Switchplates/Doorbell/Smoke Detectors

New Curtain/Hardware for Living Room (I still need to steam!)

Only thing left to do:

Install Laminate Flooring- we already purchased, just need to put it in.

Next step? Kitchen and Bathroom. Eegads, that list is long and much more expensive!

It makes me a bit sad knowing HWMMS is doing so much work only for us to sell this house in the future, but I guess that’s what updating an old dated ranch home from the 1970’s is all about!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?