How Does My Medicinal Herb Garden Grow?

Garden, Weber Wonderland / Sunday, June 12th, 2016

June! Time to check in with the medicinal herb garden.



I started this from seed. It’s third year of growth so I’m gonna attempt to dig out some root this year (which is where the most of the medicinal properties are…zzzzzzz.) I have more seed started in the greenhouse now and will likely transplant a dozen or so into the border by the creek because they have proven to be quite the hardy grower, this plant is about four feet tall and the bees LOVE IT.



As I stumbled into the world of learning more about being an empath last year, I researched flower essences and learned more about yarrow. Of course I had to try growing it. Last year it did not flower, this year it seems to be coming up nicely, I even see a random pink flower!

Other medicinal herbs I have growing this year in the garden…calendula, horehound, marshmallow, echinacea. lemon balm and chicory.

Last year I had spilanthes and feverfew, milk thistle and holy basil.

And I’ve not had luck gtowing (by seed) arnica, st. john’s wort, black cohash, johnny jump up, lavender, psyillum but I’ll keep on trying…


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?