Hundred Year War? Really?

Books, Dreams / Monday, November 20th, 2017

I suppose it a hazard of being Mrs. Charles Weber and having an office in the Lucy Bensley Center (the Genology Library for the Historical Society in town) because in my dream the other night…I was talking to someone about the history of my family fighting in the Hundred Year War. Um… I should add I know literally NOTHING about the Hundred Year War. Other than there was a war called the Hundred Year War.

In the dream I was talking to someone as if I knew vivid detail about these ancestors, almost as if I were being interviewed instead of just a regular conversation. Odd.

I woke up this morning and engaged Google, where I learned that this war is a really, really OLD WAR. How did this get in my brain? I’m skimming the webpage and I see King Charles mentioned and then, then LO! Joan of Arc!

Whhhhhhaaaaaat now?

Joan of Arc was one of those odd what they heck serendipity moments I had in the beginning of the year.

It took me FOREVER to get around to reading Alice in Wonderland, which I did a few months ago and then never blogged about. (Bad Jen.) And I’ve been meaning to…read the Joan of Arc book. I brought it outside on the porch with me one day and well, it is still sitting out there on the porch. On a table. In front of the window in the foyer where I can clearly see the book sitting there taunting me to read it. Yet, I ignore. I meant to take a photo from the inside of the house of the book, but I haven’t.

Somewhere in my brain I recall learning that Joan of Arc had something to do with the Hundred Year War. Not that I have any real memory of that, but back in March I did do some quick reading on her. The information in my brain is still there and I strongly suspect this is a hint to get my ass reading this book already.