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HWMMS / Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

HWMMS Fashion Advice. I love my husband. Love love love. He makes me laugh and smile more than any one person in the world. Which is good because some of these comments, could be taken the wrong way under different circumstances. But hey, we have a different sense of humour than others, but it works for us.

ASOS CURVE SALON Puff Sleeve Strap Dress

I bought this dress on super sale from ASOS Curve. I love this store. The dresses FIT me and give me shape, so far every item I bought has been a WIN. Thank you to Shannon for introducing me to this line!

Now this dress is a big MAYBE in my book. But it intrigued me. And it was something like $100 off so how could I not try (with free shipping and free returns?) I have three weddings coming up this Fall and well, a new dress would be nice.

After opening the package it took a few minutes to figure out how to put it on. I wasn’t sure I could get it over my massive boobs. After the 3rd try I had it ready to show to HWMMS. Here are his thoughts.

1. “Your boobs look amazing!”

I can’t lie. He says this pretty much every time I try on ANYTHING. I could be trying to squeeze my obese self into a dress three sizes too small and look dreadful and this would be his response. Not sure his eyes ever go below the boob sight line. Which is OBVIOUSLY why I married him!

2. “You know those bridesmaid dresses we saw out at the bar for Christina/Chucks party the other weekend? It looks like that!”

Oh no. Christina HATED those dresses. She even tweeted about them! I obviously will not be wearing this dress on Saturday if I decide I like it. Although Christina, if you are reading this…here is a photo of my brown Maid of Honor dress which I LOVE and have worn several times since the wedding.

3. “It looks like you should be a part of the wedding…”

So this means I shouldn’t wear it right? No, instead HWMMS says “you could wear it to Bobby’s wedding.” And no, I have no idea what that means.

4. “That thing on your shoulder, it’s like a built in Kleenex to wipe your nose…or a bib! Look…a napkin…”

I think this point needs no further explanation. I’m a slob and I know it.

5. “It looks better without that poof. Wait maybe, yes, it’s a toga! It looks like a toga! TOGA! TOGA!”

Men. Also, it does sort of look like a toga. And it isn’t nearly as shiny in person as it looks in this photo.

Conclusion: The dress gives me a waist and shape WHICH I DO NOT HAVE AT ALL. So for that alone I will keep it. If I wear it for Halloween alone it would be worth it. 🙂



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