Health & Wellness / Monday, November 14th, 2005

I cannot get enough HYDRATION and SLEEP to satisfy me the last few weeks.


I am drinking much more water than usual.

A chapstick is permanently found no more than a foot away at all times.

And my skin (esp hands) gets several applications of lotion per day.
PLUS man, I seriously could sleep 12 hours and still be sleepy. Never enough sleep. Always want a nap during the day, skip class after work and crawl into bed…I am sleeping anywhere from 4-8 hours a night and still waking up tired and dangerously close to being late for work. And this weekend? I slept anywhere from 8-10 hours and still felt sleepy.


I have had tests done, but not in the last year…for blood sugar/thyroid etc. I also have been told by ones I love that I should check out the possibily of sleep apnea, since I snore and wake up many times though the night. I always assumed I was a mouth breather due to allergies. Oh yeah and that pesky depression…


Of course, I also have had zip-o amount of exercise (unless you count some occasional nooky nooky, ahem) If I could get out of bed in the morning I would love to walk to work…damn cyclical cycle.

And I did turn on the heat a few weeks ago, which might make the air drier…hence me purchasing a fabulous steal of a humidifier this past week.

And I really haven’t even had that much coffee. Like I said, I am drinking much more water…

Maybe I need to see the doctor.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?