I *CAN* Believe It’s Not a Sharpie!

Today while at the Springville Auction/Market, He Who Makes Me Smile bought a giant package of Sharpie pens for only $1!


Except…our SIL pointed out that she new someone who did the same thing, and we needed to look a little closer to the name…

YES! A package of Sharpei Pens! SCORE!

Maybe they will refresh our pond?



3 thoughts on “I *CAN* Believe It’s Not a Sharpie!

  1. becky m

    as long as they right that is all that should matter

  2. MarschallArts

    Consumer Reports had an article about this exact thing on their last page feature “Selling It” a while back (where they feature misleading or otherwise messed-up advertising). Instead of Sharpei, they were “Shoupie” pens — but exactly the same style as the Sharpie label, just like the Sharpei. I agree — if they don’t work, you’ve only lost a dollar, and if they do, bonus! ;-)

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