I feel…

I feel…Awful. After being in bed all weekend resting up for Monday I found that I was at about 75% most of the day, over-medicated and able to function. Thank God! However, 14 hours later from the time I left the house and then arrived back home. I felt awful. Pain. Pressure. Just awful. I woke up at about 5 this morning to re-medicate because of the pain.

And this morning? Dear me. I guess I made it through yesterday with flying colors, and that was all I asked for. But I’m paying for it today because it feels like someone (maybe the figure pictured above) reached behind my nose and eyes into the sinus cavities and just yanked everything within out of my head and started twisting, twisting, twisting all the membranes into one tight knot of congestion and then SNAPPED it back in my head, leaving me in a daze.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. And somehow, though I don’t believe it myself, I had to make it into work for last minute preparations for a dinner we are hosting as a part of a conference. You know, all the really important things like tent cards and agendas.

I can’t breathe. I can hardly hear my ears are so blocked and every nose blow is just a hellish amount of pressure that doesn’t give me any relief.

But the event last night ran smoothly.

Update: Ok, maybe I am a tad bit wimpy. After being up for a few hours now, and having the pain subside I feel at least, human. I know I was pretty pathetic last night though because I found myself whimpering , and then found Mark cradling his hand on my forehead while I went back to sleep.

Update two: (as of 10 pm) Guess what? I have a cold. $150 and a nap later I feel a tad bit better. Allegra D, Rhinocort Nasal Spray, Mucinex D, Saline Rinse, Hot Showers and Rest. I will myself to be better, for I have an interview in the morning…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?