So I wake up this morning after not having lots of sleep last night…lots of talking.

ALLERGY HEAD. Nose itchy. Head achy. Tired. Want to stay in bed for another 3 days at least. Not to mention the general Monday malaise coming off a 3 day weekend. I really should have taken the day off, but well, I don’t even know what the to-do list looks like…sigh.

At least 3 days.

However, I convinced B to get up and grab breakfast sandwiches at Cafe 59. Because breakfast sandwiches are good. And good is needed on Monday.


Fine. I surrender. I’m not going back to bed, I took a Claritin (not sure if this will work never tried) and bucked up. Ate a breakfast sandwich at Cafe 59 with B and opted NOT to purchase coffee because well, free coffee awaits just a few steps away at the office.

Except not this Monday.

I think this is the first time EVER that coffee wasn’t ready to go when I walked in the door. Usually our Finance Director is in super early and makes the first pots. Our Finance Director is on vacation. And our receptionist was just getting in and starting her routine. So no coffee.

Ahhhh. NO COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!

Also, no people. Seriously? No one was in at 9:05 but two other people. I asked if it was Sunday just to make sure I was in the right place.

And then I come around the corner to my office where I see the cleaning people. Why on earth are the cleaning people at the office before 9:00am on a Monday is beyond me, but there they are. And there is that DAMN NOISY AGGRAVATING VACUUM CLEANER. Not sure what they are vacuuming, because the rugs are hardly well-traveled but whatever. Loud woooooooo wooooooo noises and dust and pledge and dust and MY HEAD HURTS I WANTED TO STAY IN BED THERE IS NO COFFEE.

I go up to the lobby to escape the sound (and hopefully grab a cup of Joe) and see that the Decaf has been made…and the regular is still on the way. I am defeated and tis only 9:15.

And then? Ding. The receptionist answers the door and IT’S FOR ME! Someone is coming into the office at 9:15 on a no coffee, loud vacuum, coming off a 3 day weekend Monday TO SEE ME? REALLY?

(I love you Wendy…)

Well, it’s only Wendy and she is dropping off invites and hugs and has to leave to work on mailing, a Monday morning after a 3 day weekend mailing where her volunteers that were going to be there by 10 already called wondering where she was.

Ah, Monday how we all love thee.

Oh, and now my boss just told me my chair wants a GALA update. Update: Haven’t had time to think about GALA. Nyah, that won’t work will it…

I need a day off, retroactive 45 minutes ago.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?