I See You!

Social Media / Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Yes, I see you!


You, Twitter account with a ridiculously high number of followers for being, well, you.

Oh look—–look at all those followers, so real! So engaging! So worthwhile to pad your numbers even though anyone with any sense of social media savvy can tell in an instant that something is not quite right.

If I had lots of time in the world I would go and report every one of those accounts I see as spam. But I don’t. All I care is that my list of followers, is pretty spammy free. Meaning any bots like the ones above? No thank you. I’d rather flounder with my lowly numbers.

Pet peeve.

And almost always true when I notice an account and go “huh, how do they have 10,000 foll—–oh.”


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?