I see…

I see Matt and Craig and David

I see Mary (and Howard.)

I see Scotty and Derek and Mike

Republicans/Libertarians are you out there in the Buffalo Blog World?

I know of two women bloggers who do not speak of politics on their blogs who subscribe to this line of thinking. But I see no Karol’s out there in WNY Blogging/Twittering/Facebooking world.

Anyone else out there? I know, I know I’m a rare breed of person who can say she has voted for both a Clinton and a Bush in her lifetime…but c’mon people! The majority of what comes through my blog reader is exclusively LEFT or RIGHT or LIBERAL vs. CONSERVATIVE. Slam, bam. Praise, applaud.

How is it possible that I can be the only one out there who sees the merits (and the shit) in both tickets?

How on earth is anyone out there saying that Palin didn’t kick serious ass last night? Blinded by the partisan light???? I don’t get it, really. Biden is LAUDED as a pick who is going to be the attack dog because that’s what the VP’s “all about” and yet Palin (who is in the same position) gets up there and and…and?

It’s exhausting.

I can say that Barack Obama seriously kicked ass and not agree with everything he says.

I can say the same about Sarah Palin.

This election is making me reconsider my place in the world. I need to be paid to be one of those political talking head peeps. I can’t do it on my blog, I’m All Things. I only do it in the confines of the car and tv and in front of the computer out loud and in my head and over emails with friends and sometimes family and occasionaly in person. If I hear something come out of my mouth one more time only to be followed up seconds later by someone else (who is getting paid to say or write the same exact thing) I might explode. I need a new career. Even though I love the one I have.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?