If you give a dog a bone

If you give a dog a bone…

If you give a dog a bone…

As a mama to two large dogs, with insatiable appetites as well as energy I’m always searching for new ways to make the happiness that is chewing/gnawing a bone last as long as possible.

Harley Boo is in LOVE with Bully Sticks. His entire body dances with joy when he gets one. And over the years he knows to play “chase me around the house while I dance with the bully stick in my mouth” as long as possible before settling down to destroy it in about 5 minutes.

Jordan Giant Puppy on the other hand prefers when I stuff a horn or old bone with frozen peanut butter. She loves her bones, but enjoys the stuff inside more. Or at least that keeps her occupied longer than the chewing.

Both dogs are spoiled rotten and get a lot of homemade fresh dog food and treats for dinner. Lots of meat bones from the butcher. It comes with the territory of ordering meat in bulk in 1/2 a cow form. You get all the extras as well.

But even if you aren’t the type to bring home a ton, no literally, a ton of livestock into two or three freezers you can always find fresh meat bones at the grocery store.


They are FRESH bones.

They are CHEAPER bones.

And well, depending on what type, they last a long time too.

For example tonight? I priced two medium sized bones flavored with beef in the dog food aisle – $8  And then I went to the edge of the meat department and found two fresh thick beef marrow bones from meat department – $5

Currently I have two very happy doggies. Who have been going at the marrow in those bones for about 90 minutes now. For only $5. WINNER WINNER BONE MARROW DINNER.